Merchants Of The Sun Poseidon's Mistress Ring


Throughout history, Turquoise rings and stones have been synonymous with mortality. Used thoroughly when decorating the world's most monumental tomb, the Taj Mahal, and in the creation of renowned King Tut's burial mask. Ancient Persians wore it as protection against death, while the Aztecs inlaid them into the skulls of their fallen leaders. Throughout history It has been used as a holy stone, a stone used to bring immortality. For us? The Poseidon's Mistress is a symbol of new life and of new beginnings—being one of our very first designs for Merchants of the Sun.

The Poseidon's Mistress features an American Turquoise Cabochon carefully set in the center of the ring. As this ring can be considered a statement ring, we recommend pairing this ring with more minimal styles such as the Sunwalker and the Merchants Signet.

As our natural stones are derived from raw mined turquoise and then cut and polished by our silversmiths, you may notice a variance in appearance in comparison to the picture as each stone is unique in its colour and patterns.